Impact For Development, in collaboration with esteemed institutions Birzeit University and The American University in Cairo, is actively engaged in a pioneering initiative aimed at fostering socio-economic advancement within the MENA region.

The AI & Data for Development Program represents a collaborative effort among five organizations from the MENA Region, namely Morocco, Palestine, Jordan, Egypt, and Tunisia. The program follows a thematic structure, with the initial focus centered around healthcare.

This program offers a comprehensive learning experience that combines research-oriented approaches with project-based activities, fostering a sustainable and effective environment for all participants. The program is tailored to qualified individuals who possess both professional experience and educational background in the field.

These participants are driven to enhance and master their skills in AI and data development within their respective domains. Notably, our program caters to both healthcare and IT experts who boast extensive years of expertise in their respective fields. Over the course of five and a half months via an elearning platform, from January to June, the program impacted more than 75 participants, they engaged in approximately 150 hours of training, encompassing various topics relevant to the program’s objectives

AI for Healthcare in Morocco: Advances and Challenges

The Ethics of AI in Healthcare: 
Balancing Innovation with Privacy and Security

AI in Healthcare: 
Unleashing Insights for Improved Outcomes

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