PACTO 2021
Support Program for Open Territorial Collectivities

Project Overview:

PACTO is Impact for Development’s pilot project, launched as a practical experiment in local-level collaborative policy-making for development. In 2021, IFD partnered with administrative institutions at different levels of governance, working with local-level governments in rural, urban, and semi-urban communes in the Kingdom of Morocco. The aim of the project was to facilitate collaboration between civil society and local government institutions by providing spaces for participative policy-making for the stakeholders and encouraging administrations to implement open governance principles (transparency, accountability, access to information, and digitization). Through this pilot project, IFD developed a working model for localized, collaborative development and participative policy making. On the ground, IFD developed and practiced guiding principles for IFD’s collaborative development approach. The IFD approach is:
  • Localized, context-based, and bottom-up in practice
  • Fostering collective intelligence of local communities to identify both issues and solutions 
  • Technology-driven and digitization-focused 

Program Objectives: 

Territorial collectivities that are members of PACTO’s network received support from Impact For Development (IFD) to create a roadmap for implementing an open collectivity action plan. Program objectives were to: 
  • Support associations engaged in the realm of open governance.
  • Foster technical assistance partnerships with local communities operating in the domains of open government (transparency, access to information, digitization, accountability).
  • Guide local communities in developing their open government action plan, ensuring adherence to international standards.
  •  Mobilize stakeholders around priority themes like participatory budgeting and public innovation.
  • Promote best practices through communication and establish systematic exchange and knowledge-sharing spaces.

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