The Moroccan Open Local Government Network (REMACTO): 

In July 2022, the Impact signed a partnership agreement with the General Directorate of Territorial Communities and the Association of Moroccan Regions to implement the national program for open territorial communities.

The goal of this program is to support open territorial communities in improving the performance of public services through the promotion of principles of openness, including transparency, accountability, citizen participation, access to information, and digitization.

This includes supporting territorial communities to:

  • Create the Moroccan network of open territorial communities, which is a dedicated platform for enhancing exchange, sharing, and learning in the field of openness. 
  • Enhance cooperation and dialogue among territorial communities on common practices and challenges in open workshops at the territorial level. 
  • Support territorial communities to adopt openness projects by involving local civil society associations and all relevant stakeholders at all stages.
  • Build the capacities of territorial communities and local associations in the field of openness principles.
  • Evaluate openness performance in partnership with civil society associations throughout the process (co-creation, co-monitoring, and co-evaluation). 
  • Appreciate the best mechanisms, approaches, and practices related to this field.
  • Contribute to the international radiance of the Moroccan Kingdom in the field of open local governments.

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